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"We were struggling to manage the complexity of our website, tracking user behavior, and understand site performance. We engaged with and trusted Ascend Analytics to provide us with an objective assessment of our architecture and deliver sound recommendations to improve the value of our analytics. Sajid and team were outstanding partners and are true subject matter experts. They fully understood our business needs and constructed analytic solutions that focused on those needs. They were able to help us warehouse, enrich, and visualize our massive datasets and enabled us to build an analytics offering for the CPG industry. They are responsive and bring the appropriate technical skill and knowledge to solve the business issue at hand. With their help, we've made considerable strides in improving our insights. I strongly recommend Ascend Analytics if you are looking to improve your analytics stack and to get moe value out of your data."
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"The Ascend team has been amazing to work with! Very few quant people possess the total package: excellent credentials, strong statistical and data mining skills, the initiative to anticipate client needs, compelling and concise communications, strong client management skills, and a results-driven mindset. We have seen remarkable benefits by partnering with Ascend Analytics, not only in the time-saving aspects of report creation but also in the level of insight one can get from the data. They've led numerous projects that have helped us completely revamp our analytics stack, and enabled us to understand and target our customers better. In all, the quality has been superior and their client-service attitude is tremendous. Wouldn't even blink to recommend Ascend"
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"Partnering with Ascend Analytics to get greater visibility on our performance was one of the best decisions we have made. Sajid and his team know their data- we were truly impressed by the industry knowledge & insight they had. Their dedication to our company’s growth was substantiated by the highly impactful business decisions we have made since partnering with them. Ascend's data-driven approach provided visibility over our high-performing personnel and enabled us to reward them via a robust incentive model while ensuring sustainability and measured growth. We highly recommend Ascend Analytics if you want to substantially increase the value your organization extracts out of its data."
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"I found working with the Ascend team on integrating world-class analytics within Santex to be a positive experience on many fronts. Not only do they possess outstanding analytical skills, but they also are adept at explaining advanced statistics to a lay audience, as well as understanding our specific business needs. We were a bit skeptical given the complexity of our existing data infrastructure, but with the analytical prowess the Ascend team possesses, they were able to integrate insightful reporting stacks seamlessly. They highlighted the problems within our existing domain and provided solutions with maximum value for our stakeholders by helping us develop a KPI framework, integrated multiple data sources that previously existed as silos, and assisted in mining actionable intelligence to enable better decision-making. They are consummate professionals – bringing an uncommon skill set to bear on every engagement: unparalleled attention to detail, crystal clear communication of technical solutions, and creative analytical insight. Will definitely recommend working with Sajid and the team!"
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"I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Ascend Analytics. From the start, their team was professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. One of the things that really impressed me about Ascend Analytics was their ability to help us understand our data in a way that was not possible before. They provided detailed reports and visualizations that allowed us to see trends and patterns in our data that we had previously been unable to identify. This has been incredibly valuable for our business, as it has allowed us to make more informed decisions based on a deeper understanding of our data. Overall, I highly recommend Ascend Analytics to any business looking to take their analytics to the next level. They have been a valuable asset for our business, and we are grateful for all that they have done to help us understand our data more. "
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