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Have direct visibility and access to analytics derived from student, instructor, program, institution and education-centric data to drive strategy & boost efficiency.
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Learnings and Insights

Drive value from data in education with analytics for EdTech by Ascend Analytics

Access Ascend's Ed-Tech Analytics consulting for insights and data-driven decision making. Gain direct visibility and analytics on students, instructors, programs, institutions, and education-centric data to boost efficiency and drive strategy.
Student Progress Tracking
Learning Analytics
Enrollment & Retention Analytics
School/Teacher Performance

Empower all stakeholders with Ed-Tech Analytics by Ascend


Professionals in education leveraging Ascend Analytics' data insights indirectly, as our analytics solutions empower EdTech providers to offer tools that enhance teaching methodologies, optimize learning content, and tailor resources to better suit educators' and students' need
Personalized Teaching
Performance Assessment and Accreditation
Resource Optimization
Adaptive Lesson Planning


Individuals engaged in educational pursuits benefiting indirectly from Ascend Analytics' data-driven insights, as our solutions enable EdTech companies to create more personalized and effective learning experiences for students.
Enhanced Learning Experience
Increased Engagement
Expanded Access
Progress Tracking
Peer Comparison & Performance Analytics

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, or learning centers benefiting indirectly from Ascend Analytics' services as our analytics support EdTech companies in optimizing their platforms, improving learning content, and providing valuable insights that educational institutions can use to enhance their educational offerings.
Improved Student Performance
Personalized Learning Environments
Competitive Edge
Curriculum Enhancement
Resource Allocation Optimization
Strategic Decision-Making
Advanced Features

Become data driven in Ed-tech with Ascend’s Consulting Services

Strengthen the fundamentals of your program offerings & institution to enhance the learning experience of both students and faculty, improving retention, absenteeism rates, course effectiveness, and institutional rankings.
Predict course & program demand in the coming years
Enhance teaching methods for more efficient learning
Optimize curriculum design
Improve learning outcomes

Transform your data into value and business impact.

Tap into the power of data with Ascend to drive impactful business outcomes. Request your proposal today.
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