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Give businesses an edge in forecasting and trend prediction, unlocking value and outperforming competitors.
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Get a competitive edge with Ascend’s Predictive Analytics Services

Ascend's Predictive Analytics is a service that can give your business an edge over the competition. By utilizing sophisticated data analysis tools and predictive modeling techniques
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How predictive analytics is changing businesses globally

We work with companies to design predictive analytics models that can offer insights into customers, product development, market trends.
Future Forecasting
Improved Marketing
Churn Prediction
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Ascend Predictive Analytics consulting for businesses

While Artificial Intelligence or AI works in different aspects of modern business enterprises, here are the 3 major applications of artificial intelligence in business
Empowers real-time inventory control, ensuring optimal stocking & replenishment of raw materials by accessing the right data.
Track manufacturing health, analyze production, wastage, breakdowns & maintenance. Predict & prevent losses, save on repair costs.
Optimize procurement, prevent stock-outs. Predictive analytics anticipates trends, customer behavior, logistics, raw materials & external factors.
Predictive analytics prevents 4800 patient no-shows annually, improves access to care, boosts revenue for hospitals & clinics.
Use vast amounts of patient data to improve processes & patient experience, predicting the onset of diseases & illnesses
Predict the possibility of epidemics or pandemics by studying trends & changes on a local & global scale
Track rider performance, analyze delivery data. We estimates future orders, enhancing efficiency & planning for your business.
Visualize order data for insights. Drive sales with location-based campaigns and promotions for high/low-performing items.
Consolidate, visualize order/return data for product insights. Run location-based campaigns, promotions to drive sales of high/low-performing items.

Transform your data into value and business impact.

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